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Wyoming, Cheyenne continue steady economic growth

April 18, 2019 | Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Moving Toward Opportunities

June 2015 | Midstream Business

Rail Comes of Age

Fourth Quarter 2014 | Riding the Rails

New petroleum technology revitalizes Powder River Basin oil production

September 15, 2014 | U.S. Energy Information Administration

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The State of American Energy

American Petroleum Institute, January 2021

Annual Energy Outlook

Energy Information Administration, February 2021

Hydraulic Fracturing: Unlocking America's Natural Gas Resources

American Petroleum Institute, February 2017

Hydraulically fractured horizontal wells account for most new oil and natural gas wells

Energy Information Administration, January 2018

Shale Energy: 10 Points Everyone Should Know

American Petroleum Institute, September 2015

Energy Security

American Petroleum Institute, 2012