Doing Things Right in the Powder River Basin


The Powder River Basin (PRB) stretches from southeast Montana to northeast Wyoming within the northern Great Plains. Its rolling green grass and sage-covered plains serve as both a topographic drainage and geologic structural basin. The Basin is bordered by the Bighorn Mountains to the west and Black Hills Uplift to the east. To the south, it is framed by the Casper Arch, Laramie Mountains, and Hartville Uplift. In addition to being an important ecological treasure, the Basin is rich in important resources like coal, crude oil, and natural gas.

PRB has been experiencing a resurgence in oil and gas production due to advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. These technological advances have made it a popular spot for companies to enter. The challenge for oil and gas companies is meeting the demand while also considering landowners, the environment, state and federal agency requirements, and a constantly changing regulatory landscape.

One company, Thunder Creek Gas Services, L.L.C. (Thunder Creek) has been in operation in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming since 1999 and has been a subsidiary of Meritage Midstream for 7 years, providing oil and gas producers gas gathering and processing services. Thunder Creek’s services include natural gas gathering, compression, treating, processing and transportation.