Thunder Creek Gas Services

Thunder Creek Gas Services

Thunder Creek logoMeritage acquired Thunder Creek Gas Services, LLC (“Thunder Creek”) in August 2013, which is located in the Powder River Basin (“PRB”) of Wyoming. Meritage is building on Thunder Creek's successful 16-year history of owning and operating gathering, treating and processing assets in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. At acquisition, Thunder Creek's gathering system included more than 500 miles of high- and low-pressure pipelines. Today, Thunder Creek's gathering system stands at more than 1,600 miles.

Additional facilities include 180 MMcf/d of processing in-service at the 50 Buttes Gas Plant, 200 MMcf/d of processing at the Steamboat Gas Plant, 168,000 horsepower of compression and 450 MMcf/d of amine treating at the Buckshot Treating Plant.

Thunder Creek is prepared to expand the Steamboat Gas Plant by adding two additional 200 MMcf/d processing trains to service future volume projections. The company’s rich-gas growth story has been supported by a diversified portfolio of customers successfully drilling and producing wells on more than 1 million dedicated acres in the PRB under long-term gathering and processing contracts.

50 Buttes Natural Gas Processing Plant, Campbell County, WY
Capacity: 180 MMcf/d capacity

Steamboat Natural Gas Processing Plant, Converse County, WY
Capacity: 200 MMcf/d capacity

Thunder Creek overview map