Thunder Creek NGL Pipeline Public Awareness Program

Thunder Creek NGL Pipeline Public Awareness Program

Thunder Creek NGL Pipeline, LLC (Thunder Creek), employees and management are committed to the safety of those stakeholders who work and live near our pipeline. To demonstrate this we have developed and allocate resources to support a robust public awareness program. Our program focuses on four categories of stakeholder audiences including the affected public (landowners), emergency officials, public officials and excavators. The primary objectives of our program are as follows:

1. To raise stakeholder audience awareness of the presence of pipelines in their communities and of the significant role they can play in helping to prevent pipeline emergencies and releases, including accidents caused by third-party damage and right-of-way (ROW) encroachment. Included as a part of this objective is the desire to help stakeholder audiences understand that pipeline accidents are rare and that pipelines are a safe mode of transportation.
2. To help stakeholder audiences understand how to prevent pipeline emergencies. Prevention helps reduce the occurrence of pipeline emergencies caused by third-party damage through awareness of safe excavation and the use of the One-Call Center.
3. To help stakeholder audience understand how to respond to a pipeline emergency. Thunder Creek undertakes a variety of measures, including the maintenance of an emergency response plan, to prevent pipeline accidents and anticipate and plan for management of accidents if they occur.

Our public awareness program has been developed to comply with federal regulatory requirements found in 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 195 and has been developed based on the guidance provided in the American Petroleum Institute’s Recommended Practice 1162, “Public Awareness Programs for Pipeline Operators.”

In addition to our public awareness program, we also maintain a pipeline integrity management program. Our integrity management program involves routine pipeline integrity testing and inspections to ensure the pipeline is not cracked or corroded and is in good working order. Additional details on our integrity management program may be obtained by contacting us directly.

A map showing the general location of the pipeline is can be found here. Pipeline maps or field markers should never be used to find the exact location of a pipeline. Always call 811 before you dig.

If you have questions about pipeline safety, please call our non-emergency phone number at (307) 687-0614 or for emergencies call our 24-hour emergency phone number at (877) 619-4680.

If you have questions about pipeline safety, please call our non-emergency phone number: 

For emergencies call our 24-Hour emergency phone number: 

This Effectiveness Survey is required for compliance with 40 CFR 195 and API RP 1162:
Thunder Creek Effectiveness Survey